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Online Medical Visits

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Visits with True U Clinic are done from the convenience of your home over video and telephone platforms.


The visit is treated like any other doctor appointment, but virtually!


Blood work can be done from your house or locally at a lab close to you and the results are then sent to us. Once we start hormone therapy, we can have the medications shipped directly from the pharmacy to your home. Thus the process can be completed 100% from the privacy of your home!

How it works?

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Step 1

Scheduling your appointment. The most convenient way is through our online scheduling portal. You simply pick which state you are in, select a date and time, fill out some basic information, and that’s it! If you want to call to schedule an appointment, please feel free to do so.

If you schedule online, we will receive the appointment request then confirm your appointment. You will then receive an email with further instructions.

The day before your appointment you will receive an email and a text with instructions on how to log into your bank level secured virtual visit. You can use your computer, tablet or cell phone. Its very simple.

Step 2

Having your initial visit. The initial intake visit includes a thorough discussion about gender transitioning, full medical history, and general process of care. We will discuss lab work, medication risks and benefits, and frequency of follow up visits. 

We do not require a mental health screening or note from a mental health professional to begin treatment. We are an informed consent clinic.

If you are already on hormone replacement therapy, we would be more than happy to continue your current regimen after the initial screening and lab work!

Step 3

Obtaining blood work. Once the initial visit is complete and a mutual decision is made to begin or continue hormone therapy, we will ship lab supplies directly to you. You can have the labs drawn at a location close to you or we can send a mobile phlebotomist directly to your home!

Once the lab results are received by us, we will contact you for a follow up visit.

Step 4

Having your 2nd visit. During your 2nd visit we will review your lab work to ensure treatment safety and identify any additional underlying medical issues you might have. 

This visit is generally the time to discuss the various hormone therapy protocols and decide which method fits into your lifestyle e.g. injections vs. creams vs. pills. Once a decision is made, hormone therapy can begin!

If you are already on hormone replacement therapy, this visit will be the time that dosages might be adjusted based off the lab work or if everything looks “A”-okay, we will just continue you on your current regimen.

Step 5

Starting treatment. A very exciting time! We typically have the medications shipped to your home in a discrete package. If you would prefer to use your insurance, a prescription can be issued to a local pharmacy. Generally speaking, the hormone treatment is reasonably priced if you do not have insurance.

Step 6

Follow up visits. During the first year of treatment, follow up visits and lab work are scheduled every 3 months to ensure treatment efficacy and safety. Once your dosages are adjusted and hormonal levels have normalized, follow up visits are typically done every 6 months thereafter.

If you are already on hormone replacement therapy and your levels are dialed in, you can expect 2-3 visits the first year and visits every 6 months thereafter.


Due to difficulties associated with reimbursement of telemedicine services between states and varying insurance companies, we are only accepting self pay patients at this time. Our mission is to bring care to those in need of hormone therapy medicine thus we strive to keep our services affordable.

Initial Visit


Follow Up Visits



Insurance can cover your lab work. If you choose to use your insurance, we can send an order to a lab close to you but be aware that you could be responsible for any charges your insurance does not cover. 

If you don’t have insurance or choose not to use it, all labs are $99.

Lab work can be performed 3 ways:

1. Have them drawn at the nearest Lab Corp near you.

2. Our lab company can ship you the lab supplies and you can go to a walk in clinic near you to have them drawn.

3. A mobile phlebotomist can go to your house and draw the lab work directly from the privacy of your home! There is a $99 fee for this service. 


$30-60 monthly depending on route of administration, types of medications, etc…

Insurance can cover the medications for some individuals. 

We utilize New Era Pharmacy for most of our prescriptions. They are based out of Portland and specialize in transitioning hormone therapies. Prescriptions are delivered directly from the pharmacy to your house! More information is available at the following link:

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