Our mission is to bring care to those in need of gender affirming medicine, thus we strive to keep our services affordable. We are only accepting self-pay patients are this time.


Insurance may cover the cost of your lab work. If you choose to use your insurance, we can send a lab order to any conveniently located lab of your choice. Please note that you may be responsible for any charges your insurance does not cover.

If you don’t have insurance or choose not to use it, self-pay labs through True U are $99.

Labs can be done in one of the three following ways…

Make an appointment at LabCorp: Have them drawn at a LabCorp near you. You can use insurance or self-pay for $99.

Have the lab come to you: A mobile phlebotomist can draw the lab work directly from the privacy of your home! This service is $99 (+ $99 for self-pay labs).

Use a walk-in clinic. We ship the lab supplies to you so you have them drawn at the walk-in clinic of your choice. The cost of self-pay labs (incl the lab kit) is $99.



We will send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. In addition, you may also use our mail-in pharmacy partner NewEra Pharmacy or our compounding pharmacy partner Empower Pharmacy.

Insurance may cover your medications. Out-of-pocket costs for medications are typically $30-60/month, depending on route of administration, types of medications, etc. If you self-pay for medications, we recommend using a GoodRx coupon for the lowest prices.

Consultation visits

Consultation visits

Consultation visits include STI testing, PrEP, and other hormone therapy needs outside of routine follow-up visits. The cost of consultation visits is $179/visit.

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