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Faith, restored!

I have had some terrible, and I mean , experiences with doctors on my HRT journey. Without insurance, most clinics will not offer me medical care and I was very happy to find a place that was willing to work with me in continuing my testosterone, my appointment was made with Ashby and they have been very informative and patient with me in finding out information THREE other doctors failed to tell me and I was able to re-start my HRT quickly and safely since they partner with labs in my area for affordable bloodwork options. Had nothing but great, and highly educational experiences with TrueU

Tomás A

I wana thank everyone for standing up and helping out I talked with amber who is amazing she set me up with a doc name Julie who after meeting I felt one hundred with being me they sent me to my local doc to get blood drawn and then sat down talked about risk and even cared enofe about my current medical condition that she worked hard to get me started on my path of self complete theses ppl are amazing and I love that they work with you and help u accomplish your gools sinserly Natasha

Jon Jennings
Wonderful Clinic

I've had an amazing experience with True U Clinic. My first appointment I had with Natalie I felt safe and comfortable and that I could be completely honest and be myself. She trusted me in how I know myself and that's a big deal. After the first appointment I was set up to start testosterone and get blood work done. It felt so good to be able to be have a process that was caring and fast. True U keeps in touch with you as well to make sure you're doing well.

Isaiah Z
So helpful

I have no words besides thank you everyone is so helpful & understanding. Can’t find a better place to go to than to be here!

Dafne Martinez
Very thankful

I am very thankful that True U Clinic is available to myself and others. Everyone I communicate with is polite and professional. I greatly appreciate the hard work they have done to work with my insurance company. They make transition much easier to handle by providing this service and I highly recommend them.

Silver Arroyo
Nice and listens

I am on my hormone therapy for 3 months now. My Dr. is very nice and listens to me on our telehealth sessions. If you have any questions True U answers you very quickly. They have e been very helpful with any concerns I had. I love True U Clinic it has helped me be the woman I am today.

Very convenient

I have been obtaining my feminizing hormone replacement through True U for 6 months now. The service is very convenient and the care I received from Dr. Ashley has been caring and thorough. All I have to pay out of pocket is the visit costs, otherwise they allow me to use my insurance for the medications and labs. It is very cost effective for me. Thank you so much for offering this service to the community!


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