Hormone Therapy Care in Arizona

Patients in Arizona can see an Expert and start their Hormone Therapy from the comfort and safety of their home.
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Online Medical Visits

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Visits with True U Clinic are done from the convenience of your home over video and telephone platforms.

The visit is treated like any other doctor appointment, but virtually!

Blood work can be done from your house or locally at a lab close to you and the results are then sent to us. Once we start hormone therapy, we can have the medications shipped directly from the pharmacy to your home. Thus the process can be completed 100% from the privacy of your home!

Natalie Metz, DNP (they/them)

Natalie is a family nurse practitioner who received their doctorate in nursing practice from Frontier University in Kentucky. They have worked in the hospital setting and outpatient oncology as an RN and in family practice and gender minority healthcare as an FNP.

Natalie is a non-binary clinician who is passionate about LGBTQIA2S+ healthcare and advocating for patients’ rights. Working with all of the¬†amazing patients at True U has helped Natalie understand their own gender identity and allowed them to live life more authentically. When not working, Natalie enjoys spending time with their family, gardening, watching football (go Cardinals!), playing fantasy football, and making fermented foods.

Natalie True U